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Angela Siler Fisher, MD, FACEP, is founder of MaveRx, a leadership consulting firm, which develops leaders within and outside the field of medicine. Dr. Fisher’s three-step approach to leadership development comprises networking and mentorship formalization, establishment of credibility by service in both appointed and elected leadership roles and the recognition of team members' successes.

MaveRx. Prescription for Revolutionary Leadership.

Success in any industry is rooted in learned knowledge and acquired skills. Reaching beyond professional achievement to become an acknowledged and respected leader was once an ineffable passage, difficult to describe, seemingly impossible to teach others.

Leaders are, by nature, mavericks, in thought, word and deed. MaveRx leaders are bold, innovative thinkers, credible resources and relevant trendsetters in an ever-changing universe. MaveRx has the prescription for revolutionary leadership resulting in the development of influential, persuasive, inspirational leaders.

Leaders are made, not born. With its distinctive approach, MaveRx develops extraordinary leaders by encouraging individuals to take risks, to look and act beyond the obvious and, eventually, reap rewards. MaveRx concentrates on leadership essentials divided into three practical steps: networking and formalization of mentors; establishment of credibility; and the acknowledgement of both individual and team successes.

Smart leaders recognize the importance of building relationships as key to making new connections and developing productive opportunities. Networking requires the courage to begin a conversation with colleagues and mentors. Asking questions about background, interests and goals is an easy way to initiate dialogue. Follow-up communication is essential and made easier with the electronic exchange of contact information. Sharing of ideas and expertise leads to project completion and enduring relationships. Honest feedback shared by mentors ensures continued growth and development and should always be accepted with an open mind and heart, along with genuine appreciation.

Leadership skills cannot be learned by reading a book or attending a lecture. Rather, they are developed by living the leadership experience optimized through the guidance and support of formalized mentors. Mentors aid in identification of best-suited opportunities to establish credibility, while ensuring development of leadership skills and assist when unexpected situations arise. Both appointed and elected positions offer the platform to develop required skills that can vary from agenda formation and leading a conference call to overall project management.

Acknowledgement of individual and team successes is the final step in becoming an acknowledged and respected leader. Mentors support developing young leaders and their teams through nominations for awards and grants that acknowledge hard work and contributions. However, writing a letter worthy of the accomplishments, while addressing the purpose of the award, is time consuming and often limits the number of nominations a mentor is willing to invest.

TeamMaveRx feels strongly that the best person to tell the story is the person and team for whom the acknowledgement is being written. Offering a draft nomination letter along with the request to be nominated is the most effective way to ensure acknowledgement of both individual and team successes. Utilizing a mentor’s CV, biography and past nomination letters can serve as a template in the development of individual documents by providing the framework for well written supporting documents.

Do it now. Be a MaveRx! Step outside your comfort zone and establish meaningful relationships. Develop leadership skills working with individuals you respect, then acknowledge and celebrate successes!

-Angela Siler Fisher, MD, FACEP